Tower Wood Trip 2020

On the first week after  February half term we took 48 year 7 and 8 pupils to Tower Wood Activity Centre in the Lake District.  This trip was organised to enable these pupils to experience learning in an outdoor environment, to challenge pupils through adventure and enable pupils to develop social skills with their peers.  In spite of some extreme weather conditions I feel our pupils really did rise to the challenge and meet these outcomes.

Pupils experienced a range of fun and exhilarating activities from kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding to climbing mountains, problem solving and quarry scrambling.  Some pupils even accepted the challenge of paddling in the lake which was full of snow melt and therefore much colder than normal at this time of year!

The pupils were a real credit to the school.  It was amazing to see pupils from different year groups forming new friendships and working as a team to complete the tasks they faced.  Many pupils faced challenges outside their comfort zone and I was astounded to see them persevering in snow and hail storms without complaining once!  Tower Wood instructors were very impressed with the resilience and good manners displayed by our pupils and were particularly impressed with the lack of lost property they were left with at the end of the trip. 

It was particularly heart-warming to see students who attended the trip last year having a fantastic time again this year and showing great maturity in supporting those pupils who were attending for the first time.  Each group really reflected the ethos of our school in ‘striving to succeed.’  Some groups had to strive to scramble up wet quarries and canoe in bitterly cold and windy conditions, whereas others succeeded in climbing high trees and summiting mountains in treacherous conditions. 

A real challenge for many pupils was being away from home for the first time.  Pupils faced novel situations like having to share a room, make their own beds, prepare and serve their own meals and follow instructions from people they have never met before.  Pupils gained a real sense of responsibility and developed in their organisation and time management skills.

The main focus running throughout the whole trip was displaying and developing the ‘Let’s Be 7 Core Values.’  Pupils reflected daily on how they and their peers had met these core values and shared these with the whole group.  One pupil was selected for each core value and rewarded with a prize:

Kind – Georgia E Yr7
Aspirational – Izzie B Yr7
Honest – Jooles M Yr8
Resilience – Crystal F Yr8
Respectful – Lola M Yr7
Reflective – Zian A Yr7
Responsible – Aaron P Yr8

Thank you so much to all the pupils who attended this trip – we all had a really amazing time and you really did do the school proud!