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We’ve put together 10 handy tips to help you succeed while learning from home.
  1. Get up in plenty of time – set the alarm so you wake up in time to have your breakfast and be ready for the day.
  2. Get Organised – Before starting the day, make sure you’ve got all your books and stationery you might need before you get going. Start calm, study calm.
  3. Avoid study overload! – make sure you take screen breaks, have a break, move away from your computer at lunchtime and get fresh air
  4.  Get in the zone – This is a key aspect of home learning. Find a quiet, dedicated space to do your studies and remove or switch off anything which may cause a distraction. That means no sneaky checking messages on your mobile and turn the TV off!
  5. Support Network – All your teachers are e on hand to offer encouragement.  Check in every now and then with them to let them know how you are. If you’re struggling with a particular task, take a break, ask your teachers to help you work through it.  Make sure you speak to friends regularly and keep in touch.  If you have IT problems you need help with email
  6.  Be kind to yourself – We know that things sometimes don’t go to plan, the broadband plays up, sometimes home life gets in the way. If you miss a lesson, don’t panic or beat yourself up about it, we give you until 3pm the following day to submit any classwork to give you time to catch up.
  7. Exercise – make sure you join in with PE challenges and keep yourself active, get outside for a walk and look after yourself
  8. Keep in touch with your friends.  Remote learning ultimately means working alone and missing out on daily social interaction with your friends. If you ever feel frustrated, low or sad, it’s important to discuss how you feel with your parents/carers or your teachers. Keeping in touch with friends can also help to keep your spirits up
  9. Stay hydrated and eat properly – make sure you drink plenty of water and that you eat well.  It is imprtant to stay healthy.
  10. Sleep – it can be easy to go to bed later while school is closed and lose our routine but sleep is really important for your health and wellbeing so go to bed at a reasonable time.