The Hollins Press

Do you have something to say?

Do you want to add to and improve your CV/college application?

Do you want to share your experiences of life outside school?

Do you want to add to your portfolio of independent work?

The Hollins Press is potentially an online blog, which would be published monthly and promoted to a wide audience across Lancashire, the North West, the wider UK and internationally. The purpose of the blog will be to showcase the talents of the students here at The Hollins. Staff will also have the opportunity to nominate students’ work for publication.

We want the world to see your talent!

When run previously, one student had his work for the school’s blog discussed at his University interview (Oxford!) and others have written to let me us know that they have been asked about their contributions at job interviews and even applications for apprenticeships. You can write about anything you like but here are some examples to get you thinking:



a film review

a book review

short stories

charity work

unusual stories

your hobbies


current affairs

opinion pieces (like a newspaper column)

The list is endless!

If you’d like to put forward your work for inclusion in our blog, please see Mrs Gore in Room 15 on Mondays or Fridays. Mrs Gore will also help you to plan, structure and proof read your work and give you pointers if needed, but the main body of your work must be written independently.

If any staff would like to nominate a student’s work, please let Mrs Gore know.