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The Hollins Gaming Group

The Hollins Gaming Group has continued to grow, with over 25 students now regularly taking part every Thursday both at lunchtime and after school from 3pm—4pm.

Our main focus is playing collectable card games, particularly ‘Magic: The Gathering’, although there are occasionally some ‘Pokemon’ players too.

On Thursday 13th February 2020 we held our second ‘Magic: The Gathering’ event exclusively for The Hollins students at 3rd Space Gaming in Burnley, with further dates to be announced for next term. We will also be starting ‘Warhammer’ and ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ groups one day a week after school after February ½ term.

We are a very friendly group, and beginners are more than welcome!

If you are interested in finding out more about ‘Magic: The Gathering’, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ or ‘Warhammer’, or would like to get involved, please see Mr Edmondson in room 45.