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GCSEs 2021 – TAGS

Covid-19 has meant that GCSEs are awarded differently this year.  The Hollins has taken every step to ensure that the process was fair and equitable, consistent and free from bias.

To read our 2021 exams policy please visit Summer-2021-Centre-policy for Awarding TAGs

Both parents and students may have questions about the process and we hope you find our Frequently Asked Questions document answers all your queries.  Please contact us if it doesn’t:


To understand the evidence used in each subject to award the TAG we have produced this guide:

Evidence used in each subject

To ensure this process is fair our staff all had to abide by these policies:

The Hollins Malpractice policy 2021

The Hollins Conflict of Interest 2021

Your Next steps

Once you receive your grades Mr Ainsworth has produced these guides to support you in your next steps:

2021 Post-16 providers next steps

2021 Transition and enrolment guide for parents at a glance

Appealing Your Grade

The Hollins did everything within its power to issue all students a fair grade using assessment, moderation and quality assurance processes. However, if a student firmly believes that they have been issued an unfair grade they may request an appeal.

Please consider carefully, in issuing an appeal, three things may happen: your grade may stay the same, your grade may be raised OR your grade may be lowered. If your grade is lowered, this will be your final grade.

​Full guidance about how to appeal is in our Appeals policy:

The Hollins Appeals policy 2021