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The Hollins Super School

We are delighted to share with you our “Super School”.  This is a new programme designed to increase our students cultural capital and give them broader experiences that will allow them to further their interests and take up new interests.  During the pandemic we are unable to offer our usual programme of extra-curricular activities so the “Super School” is our way of ensuring our students can take part in enrichment outside school.

What is ‘cultural capital’?
Cultural capital is the amount of experience of different aspects of culture – no matter how great – we build up over time. This could include (but isn’t limited to) experiences of:
  1. Art, through visiting galleries or spending time studying different artistic styles in print or on the internet.
  2. Music, either by listening to or playing a wide range of styles of music, either recorded or live.
  3. Literature, through experiencing different forms of quality writing in different genres.
  4. Languages, particularly those beyond our ‘first’ language or that which is most often spoken at home. This could be through watching a subtitled film!
  5. Religion, by observing and engaging with people of different religious backgrounds to gain an understanding of their beliefs.
  6. Cultural appreciation, by engaging with, experiencing and appreciating different cultures, no matter for how long. This could be done in a very wide range of ways, from spending time in a museum to engaging with different communities within our home town or beyond.
Studies have shown that the greater an individual’s cultural capital is, the more resilient and adaptable they are, and the greater their progress or attainment in school can be.
At The Hollins we are proud of the work done within each department to raise the cultural capital of every pupil in school. Now, with the launch of the Hollins Super School, we hope to increase the opportunities our pupils have to develop their cultural capital further still!
How does the Super School work?
It’s simple!
There will be a series of posters placed around school, highlighting a different opportunity to develop cultural capital through a new experience. This will usually be a QR code which pupils can scan using a smartphone camera before or after school to be taken to a website linked to that cultural experience. Usually this will be something to read, a video to watch, a podcast to listen to or perhaps an activity to engage with.
The posters will also be made available on the school website for pupils to access outside of school.
For pupils who want to show the widest engagement there will be a fortnightly quiz, open to all year-groups, with merits for participation and a spot prize to be randomly awarded to one lucky pupil in each year group, each week!  To see week 1 visit here
We hope you will encourage your child to engage with the Super School!
Mr Edmondson and the Super School Team