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Our student leaders are our school’s role models. Our Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies lead a team of 40 prefects who work tirelessly across school to support both students and staff.

Prefects are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour and attitude at all times, providing a positive role model for other students across the school.

Message from our Head Girl, Madison Heys:

I was proud to be assigned the position of Head Girl because the school has provided me with the opportunities and experiences that have defined the person I am today. Being Head Girl gives me the chances to take up new responsibilities and give back to the school as well as establishing new skills to have a successful future. I like to think that I am a good role model and I am excited to build relationships with the younger students to help guide them through school. I am excited to have this opportunity to represent the school and be part of this team in the Hollins. 

Message from our Head Boy, Minhaz Khan:

I’m honoured to be given the role of Head Boy at The Hollins, a school that has helped me develop over the years and become the person I am today. The Hollins has not only taught me about how to encompass our core values, which is really important for life, but has also taught me great traits such as having a work ethic and a commitment to getting things done.

Being Head Boy will teach me a great deal of discipline and responsibility which will help me excel further in life and lay the foundations for a successful future. Most importantly it puts me in a position where I can support and help others and strengthen relationships between students and staff to achieve an even more joyful atmosphere within The Hollins