Senior Leadership Team

Mrs S. Haydock                      Head Teacher

Mrs H. Dougan                       Deputy Headteacher – Welfare and Safeguarding

Ms P. Hargreaves                   Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum and Assessment

Mr G. Hunter                          Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour

Mrs L. Stubbs                         Assistant Headteacher – Director of  Pennine Lancashire SCITT

Miss J. Wozniak                     Assistant Headteacher – Teaching and Learning

Mrs K. Feathers                     School Business Manager



Mr K. Ishtiaq                        Subject Leader of Computing and ICT strategy

Mr R. Suleman                     Computing/Business Studies/ICT teacher

Mrs L Stubbs                        Business teacher   


Design and Technology

Mr P. Charles                        Subject Leader of Design and Technology 

Mrs E. Barnett                      Textiles & Childcare and Development teacher

Miss H. Beswick                   Food/PE teacher/Learn 2 Learn Coordinator

Mrs. S. Scott                         Assistant Subject Leader of DT 

Ms P Hargreaves                  Food Technology


Visual and Performing Arts

Mrs L. Keenan                  Subject Leader of Visual and Performing Arts

Mr P. Drew                        Art teacher/ Year 9 Coordinator

Mrs L. White                     Drama teacher

Mrs J Finn                        Music teacher (temporary)

Mr D. Sanderson              Music teacher (Part- Time)


English and Literacy

Ms S Haworth                  Subject Leader of English

Miss P Turner                   Assistant Subject Lead

Mrs L. Riding                     English teacher

Miss D. Kenrick                English teacher 

Mrs N. Tattersall                English teacher 

Miss S. Waddington          English teacher 

Miss K. Wright                   English teacher



Mr M. Edmondson            Subject Leader of Geography

Mrs N. Johnstone             Geography teacher/ Year 7 Coordinator   



Mr C. Watson                    Subject Leader of History & SCITT lead

Mrs A. Sadler                    History teacher



Mr J. Howarth                 Subject Leader of Maths

Mr N. Bridges                  Assistant Subject Leader of Maths

Mr J. Cross                     Lead Practitioner of Maths

Mr J. Carver                    Maths teacher

Mrs L. Eddleston             Maths intervention

Mr D. Gallacher               Maths teacher

Miss K. Walker                Maths teacher 


Modern Foreign Languages

Miss C. King                  Subject Leader of Modern foreign languages 

Mrs J. Granter               Modern foreign languages teacher (part time)

Ms H Dougan                Modern foreign languages teacher

Mrs C. Pullan                Modern foreigh languages teacher (part time)

Ms J Wozniak                Modern foreign languages teacher


Physical Education

Mrs C. Murray                Subject Leader of Physical Education

Mr L. Bedford                 Physical Education teacher & Cover Supervisor

Mr G. Lee                       Physical Education teacher & Year 11 Coordinator

Miss F. Pilkington           Physical Education teacher & Year 10 Coordinator

Mr G Hunter                   Physical Education teacher


Ethics, Philosophy and Religion

Miss S. Guiste                   Subject Leader of Ethics, Philiosohy and Religion

Miss L. Myers                    Teacher of Ethics, Philosophy and Religion/ PSHE Lead

Miss F Lindsay                  Teacher of Ethics, Philosopy and Religion



Mrs S. Bowler                   Subject Leader of Science

Mr P. Walton                     Assistant Subject Leader of Science

Mrs C. Anderson              Science teacher

Miss S. Bamber                Science teacher

Mrs R. Baron                    Science Intervention

Mr M. Bleasdale               Science teacher/ Year 8 Co-ordinator

Mrs S. Lochire                  Science teacher

Mr J. Makinson                 Science teacher 

Miss J. Spooner               Science teacher

Ms S Haydock                  Science teacher


Support staff List

Admin Support

Mrs K. Shorrocks                               Headteacher’s PA

Mrs N. Akhtar                                     Attendance/Improvement Officer

Mrs L. Carlisle                                    SLT PA/ Admin

Mrs V. McClinton                                Receptionist

Mrs N. Roscoe                                  Data and  Assessment Officer

Mrs J. Jackson                                   Reprographics/ Admin



Mrs K. Feeley                                     Catering Lead

Miss K. Cooper                                  Catering Assistant

Mrs L. Etherington                             Catering Assistant

Mrs R. Saeed                                    Catering Assistant

Ms Y. Lees                                         Catering/Cleaning

Miss A. Sanderson                            Catering Assistant

Mrs L. Silvester                                 Catering Assistant

Mrs A. Waddington                            Catering Assistant



Mrs K Feathers                                 School Business Manager

Mrs A Taylor                                      Finance Officer


IT Support 

Mr D Hazari                                        Network Manager

Mr J Atkinson                                      IT Technician


Mrs D. Anderson                                School Counsellor

Miss D. Crosland                                Pastoral Manager

Mrs J. Green                                      Pastoral Manager


Premises Team

Mr R. Aspin                                          Premises Manager

Mr S Parkinson                                   Site Supervisor / Cleaner 

Mrs A. Brindle                                      Cleaner

Mrs C. Dixon                                        Cleaner

Mrs S. Greenwood                               Cleaner

Mr P. Kenyon                                        Cleaner 

Ms Y Lees                                            Cleaner / Catering

Miss C. Rushton                                   Cleaner/ Catering

Miss O. Schofield                                 Cleaner

School Support

Mrs G. Ainsworth                              Learning Resources Centre Manager

Mr W. Ahmed                                    Extended Schools Co-ordinator

Mr J. Ainsworth                                 Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance/ Pastoral Support

Mrs D. Gregson                                Teaching School, PLSCITT & Extended services Administrator

Mrs S. Eastham                                HLTA/ Exams Manager

Mrs V. Pilkington                               Cover Supervisor

Mr N. Lenihan                                   Cover Supervisor

Miss M. Sisson                                 LRC Assistant


SEN Support

Mrs N. Cirino                                     SEN Manager

Mrs S. Careless                                 Teaching Assistant  

Mrs F. Cockerill                                  Teaching Assistant  

Mrs A. Dearden                                 Teaching Assistant  

Mr M. Dunne                                      Teaching Assistant  

Mrs C. Hornby                                   Teaching Assistant  

Ms M. Matthews                                Teaching Assistant  

Mr E. McGhee                                   Teaching Assistant  

Mr S. Munir                                        Teaching Assistant  

Mrs M. Szlaz                                      Teaching Assistant  

Mr A. White                                        Teaching Assistant  

Mr C. Wilson                                      Teaching Assistant  

Mrs T Holmes                                     Teaching Assistant 


Mrs R. Garnett                                    Science Technician

Miss L. Kirby                                       Senior Science Technician

Mr K. McClinton                                  Technician/ Teaching Assistant