Uniform and Appearance
Members of the community often judge a school by the appearance and conduct of its pupils in public. The reputation gained by the school as a whole should be of importance and value to the individual pupil during school life. It also presents to the community an example of a
well-ordered school and encourages pupils to identify with and take pride in their contribution to the school. Perhaps more importantly than this, uniform is a great leveller. All pupils start school on an equal basis and there is no opportunity to compete or impress with designer wear. We are well aware that keeping up with the latest trends can cause both emotional and financial problems for pupils and parents. Consequently all children are admitted to the school on the clear understanding that parents fully accept and comply with the rules concerning the uniform requirements.

The uniform is straightforward and kept as inexpensive as possible. Parents are urged to encourage their children to take pride in their
personal appearance. Pupils who fail to be correctly or smartly dressed may be sent home to change. Earrings, studs, bracelets and other forms of jewellery are a hazard in practical classes and are not allowed in school at all. If you wish for your child’s ears to be pierced, please do this over the summer holidays leaving enough time for the jewellery to be removed before starting school.

Extreme hairstyles are a distraction and can be intimidating and therefore hairstyles should be appropriate for school. Tram lines or any other designs cut into short hair are not allowed. Denims and jeans are NOT PERMITTED, nor are tracksuit tops or hooded tops, as a substitute for proper outdoor coats.

Pupils must wear plain black school shoes—trainers are not acceptable.

Make-up, nail varnish, false nails and false eyelashes are not considered appropriate for school and will not be allowed.

Uniform List

Trousers – Black ‘school’ tailored trousers
Skirt – Knee length, black box-pleated skirt
Shirt – Official Hollins logo emerald green polo shirt for Year 7
Socks – White or black, or black tights may be worn as an alternative
Shoes – Plain black ‘school’ shoes only, no boots or trainers (black trainer style shoes with Velcro fasteners are not acceptable).
Sweatshirts—Black embroidered Hollins sweatshirts.
Outdoor Coats – Outdoor coats should be predominantly plain in colour without any logo. Casual sweatshirts, hooded tops and
sports jackets are not permitted.

PE Uniform – All with the official Hollins logo.

Polo shirt – black body with amber side panel.
Shorts – plain black.
Socks – black and amber with the Hollins logo.

Hollins leggings
Hollins tracksuit bottoms
Hollins 3/4 zip training top with black body and amber side panels.

Please note;
boys will require a pair of football boots;
girls may wear a hijab cap in practical lessons;
school jumpers will not be permitted to be worn during a PE lesson.

Smart, plain and non-distracting accessories.

Pupils must ensure they wear suitable trainers for PE lessons e.g. no plimsolls or canvas pumps.

All kit will be embroidered on the left chest and right leg with “THE HOLLINS SPORT” logo.

Buying uniform
School uniform can be purchased from:

VIJ Bros, Abbey Street Shopping Centre, 2-4 Abbey Street, Accrington

Whittakers School Wear https://www.whittakersschoolwear.co.uk/product-category/accrington/the-hollins/daywear-the-hollins/

Year Colours

We have opted to give each year group their own identity via different coloured polo shirts.  This helps staff with the day to day running of the school and enables students to know they are in the right place in the right time!  Mostly importantly it fosters a sense of community and pride in each year group.

Year 7 – green

Year 8 – gold

Year 9 – white

Year 10 – light blue

Year 11 – red