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Uniform creates our school identity and establishes a sense of pride amongst the students. It is expected that all students will come to the school every day in full, neat, clean uniform, giving the message that our students take pride in belonging to our school. This will continue to be the case until the student leaves the school and will also apply to the public examination period for all students. Year 11 students will attend all examinations in full uniform until their last examination. The support of parents in ensuring this is expected.

Admission to our school implies acceptance of the uniform code and students who are not correctly dressed may be sent home to change by a senior member of staff. Uniform does not discriminate and ensures all learners have equal opportunities and shared expectations, regardless of background.

Buying a school uniform is a major expense and for this reason the uniform has been carefully chosen and priced so that, whilst it is distinctive from those of neighbouring schools, it is also easily obtainable.

Buying uniform
School uniform can be purchased from:

VIJ Bros, Abbey Street Shopping Centre, 2-4 Abbey Street, Accrington

Whittakers School Wear

Year Colours

We have opted to give each year group their own identity via different coloured polo shirts.  This helps staff with the day to day running of the school and enables students to know they are in the right place in the right time!  Mostly importantly it fosters a sense of community and pride in each year group.

Year 7 – green

Year 8 – gold

Year 9 – white

Year 10 – light blue

Year 11 – red


The current PE kit provider is discontinuing the style we currently have. This new kit is unisex, slightly cheaper, more modern and  also will make it easier for parents that want to pass kit down to siblings. As a lot of the kit was out of stock in September this new style is available from January 2021 if parents need to replenish it. There will be no expectation to have the new kit, even in September.