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Secondary schools are being asked to test pupils before they return to the classroom and have been given the flexibility to stagger the return so that this testing can take place. We have planned our return and it will look like this.

  • Monday 8th March – Year 11 return at 8.40am and Year 10 return at 9.50am using their normal entrances. They will be directed where to go on entry.
  • Tuesday 9th March – Year 9 return at 8.55am and Year 8 at 9.50am using their normal entrances and go to their normal classroom.
  • Wednesday 10th March – Year 7 return at 8.50am using their normal entrance and go to their normal classroom.

Once in school pupils will be brought down for testing to take place. Please ensure you have completed and returned the consent form that was sent to parents/carers via Synergy. 

It is vital that as many pupils as possible take part in testing to allow us to keep the school community safe, keep pupils and their families safe and keep transmission in the community down. Pupils will only be tested if a consent form has been returned. Once a pupil
is tested and has a negative result they will remain in school for face to face education to start. Any pupil testing positive will be isolated and parents will be contacted to come andcollect them. Normal self-isolation for 10 days would then be needed before returning to school.

To assist in the prevention of spreading Covid all pupils and staff in schools will be expected to wear face masks in the classroom, as well as in communal areas. The only pupils who won’t need to do this are those who we already know are exempt for medical reasons. Pupils
are responsible for bringing their own masks to school. We do have some spare masks but we will charge 50p for any pupil requiring one. If you think your child is likely to forget their mask, please ensure they have 50p with them.

We will expect all pupils to return in full uniform. There are still five months of the school year left and we will not lower our standards and expectations. Abbey Street will be operating a click and collect service and many items such as trousers/skirts are available in supermarkets.

In preparing for the return to school we will be expecting all pupils to bring their own equipment. We will still provide whiteboards, whiteboard rubbers and glue sticks but all pens, pencils, whiteboard markers, rulers, rubbers and maths equipment should be brought from home.