Registration takes place in form rooms at 8.40am. After this time a learner will be marked late in the class register and on School Reports. 

Medical & Dental appointments
We ask parents/carers to make these outside school hours unless it is an emergency or urgent situation. Where they are unavoidable, we ask for a dated, signed note in advance. The learner must sign out at reception before leaving the premises, and sign in again on return.

Holidays during term-time
We are unable to authorise holidays taken during term time

The school day begins at 8.45am with from time and ends at 3pm

8.45am            Form time/Registration

8.55am            Period One 

9.55am            Period Two 

10.55am          Morning Break

11.10am           Period Three 

12.10pm          Period Four 

1.10pm            Lunch

1.50pm            Period Five

2.45pm            Form time 

3.00pm            End of School