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Ethics, Philiosophy and Religion

Religious Studies and Citizenship teach you about the world you live in and the different people you’ll meet. You’ll develop excellent personal skills, because getting to know others involves understanding their perspective and how it has developed. Remember many of these people who are different to you will make decisions about your life in job interviews, University applications and lots of other occasions!

In terms of direct job opportunities, people with qualifications in Religious or Theological Studies can go into lots of different areas – helping others in their own community or abroad, looking at social policy and how it can be shaped to meet others’ needs, and specialist areas such as Policing.

Career paths: Chaplaincy, Advice Work, Counselling, Community/International Development, Policing.

Curriculum Intent

At The Hollins we study Ethics Philosophy and Religion in order to nurture the natural human need to enquire and ask questions about our existence and the meaning of life. Within the subject we aim to enable students to apply historical, philosophical and theistic ideology to an ever evolving world. Therefore enabling students to leave The Hollins as global citizens who embrace debate on all belief systems without prejudice.

Scholars in Religious Studies are expected to describe, explain and evaluate, forming their own judgements about current affairs and moral issues. Successful students are able develop arguments from more than one point of view and refer to religious teachings within this, equipping them with the ability to evaluate, a key skill in life. Regardless of whichever belief a student holds, including those without any belief, religious studies can provide students with the aptitude of acceptance of all members of society. Students will be able to make informed decisions about their own beliefs within a safe and supportive environment.

At The Hollins we accept all cultures and faiths and aim to instil this quality within our learners, a skill which will in turn be beneficial for anyone aiming to live in modern day Britain