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2019 headline measures (validated Feb 2020):

Progress 8 -0.17

Attainment 8 42.75

% of students achieving English and Maths at grade 4+ 59%

% of students achieving English and Maths at grade 5+ 39.24%

% of students achieving EBacc 5%


School Performance Tables

Destinations Report – December 2019

The Hollins has a statutory duty to record the destinations of every cohort of leavers, and to communicate with the Local Authority as necessary.

This report identifies the following information regarding our leavers: –

· Their chosen education provider

· Their chosen progression route – A-Levels, a vocational course, an Apprenticeship, or entry to the Armed Forces at 16

· Their chosen subject, if applicable

· The level of qualification to be undertaken

This data will be checked again at the end of the academic year, to account for any changes; it is also used to inform and guide the school’s careers programme from year to year.

For all categories, there are three students whose destination cannot be confirmed – efforts will continue to obtain this information.

Burnley College                                                             48 31%

Blackburn College                                                         30 20%

Accrington and Rossendale College                             26 17%

St Christophers Sixth Form                                           14 9%

St Mary’s College                                                           7 5%

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School                                   6 4%

Myerscough College                                                       5 3%

Accrington Academy                                                       4 3%

Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School                       3 2%

Training 2000                                                                  2 1%

Five students went to other Colleges, two in Lancashire and three in other counties.

Our students progressed to the folllowing courses:

A-Levels 41 27%

Vocational course e.g. BTEC 100 65%

Apprenticeship 9 6%

Armed Forces 0 0%

A full analysis of A-Level choices will not be available until students clarify their choices in their second year of A-Level study. However Sociology appears to be the top choice, along with Biology and Psychology.

The top choices (other than A-Levels) were as follows: Health and Social Care (12 students), Engineering (11), Business (9), Art and Design (5) and Hairdressing (5).

Most students who progressed onto an Apprenticeship did so in Engineering. Other Apprenticeship routes included Motor Engineering and Business Administration.

Over half our leavers progressed onto a Level 3 course.

All Apprentices start at Level 2, and some subjects (including Catering and Hairdressing) generally involve students starting at Level 2, and possibly even Level 1, whatever their GCSE achievement.

If you have any queries on the information above, please contact the school’s Careers Coordinator, James Ainsworth, on (01254) 233500, or email