The Hollins PE – Strive to Succeed 

The Sports and Leisure industries are an increasingly profitable area of employment. While it is competitive, there are lots of exciting and interesting roles promoting sport to others. Not all of them involve playing sport – many involve analysing data, treating injuries, or working with people psychologically to build their confidence and sporting abilities. There is also a lot of crossover with Science in terms of learning about anatomy, which can open several fascinating career paths both in and out of the Sport industry. 

Example career paths: Coaching, Physiotherapy, Sports Development, Teaching, Events Management

    PE Curriculum Intent

The Physical Education department is committed to providing opportunity for participation, enjoyment and performance in a range of physical activities with active, challenging and dynamic learning situations. Lessons are designed to cater for each individual pupil in respect of promoting the development of movement co-ordination and the acquisition of motor skills. In addition, pupils will be taught other roles such as a leader, coach and official. This will help develop leadership skills, learn how to be assertive and communicate effectively.

In this modern era, it is essential that pupils understand the benefits of exercise and it is hoped that this will stimulate a lasting interest in sport and physical recreation. Pupils are encouraged to enhance their inter-personal skills in co-operative and competitive situations and appreciate the importance of personal qualities relating to sportsmanship and fair play. Pupils at The Hollins will develop the advanced ability to evaluate their own and others performances and suggest strategies for refinement of techniques. The psychological benefits of sport are of vital importance and through consistent participation, pupils are given the opportunities to succeed, irrespective of ability, develop self-esteem and self-confidence.

The curriculum is designed to be accessible and all students are entitled to have the opportunity to progress and reach appropriate levels of attainment in order to realise their potential. This involves teachers matching tasks to the needs, interests and abilities of the students in a learning situation which is challenging and stimulating. Ultimately, teaching and learning strategies are designed to stimulate, enthuse and enable students to gain personal satisfaction from their participation.  At the Hollins our aim in Physical Education is to encourage all pupils to actively engage in lifelong physical activity.