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Pastoral System

At The Hollins a Head of Year  is dedicated to each year group to assist form tutors. The Head of Year has responsibility for the overall academic progress and social development of each child in that year.  He / she co-ordinates the work of form tutors and is an important source of information and contact for parents.

The Head of Year will encourage high standards of behaviour and dress and will maintain a clear record of students’ academic and personal progress as students move up through the school.

For academic year 2019/20 our heads of year are

Year 7     Mr P Drew 

Year 8    Miss F Pilkington

Year 9    Mr G Lee

Year 10    Mrs N Johnstone

Year 11   Ms N Tattersall


Year Groups

Each year group has a different polo shirt, which creates their own identity and makes each year group easy to identify.  Each year group keeps  the same Head of Year for the five years.

Year Group Colours

  • Year 7 – GREEN
  • Year 8 – GOLD
  • Year 9 – WHITE
  • Year 10 – LIGHT BLUE
  • Year 11 – RED

Tutor Time

Tutor time is very structured, with activities planned for each day.  Tutor time fully promotes and encompasses our 7 values.  

Tutor time activities include:

  • Standards checks
  • Attendance/merit points/behaviour reports
  • PSHE
  • Assemblies