Keeping Your Child Safe Online

The current situation with Covid-19 and school closures are posing many challenges for us as a school and for you as parents.  Inevitably your child will be having much more time on their computer to access remote learning and a big challenge for you will be keeping them safe.

We are aware that with more time at home, many children will be spending a lot more time online. Parents should ensure that they are vigilant in monitoring what children are doing. Our leadership team recently took part in some training and were informed that these apps all look innocent, but are specifically designed to conceal secret photos, messages and videos from parents who may be checking their phones.
Please be aware of the icons. Although they look innocent, they have been created to hide what children are really doing online!

The DFE have issued this guidance to parents:

  • Recognise that due to the current situation children and young people (as well as parents and carers) are going to be spending considerably more time online.
  • Don’t worry so much about screen time – rather focus on-screen use. What are children and young people actually doing when they are online – there should be a good balance of different activities.
  • Follow some of the basic guidance from healthcare professionals– specifically have tech-free mealtimes and don’t have technology in the bedroom overnight.
  • Talk to your children – take time to understand what they are doing online – don’t always assume that they are up to no good. The most important thing is that if something went wrong (and of course there is evidence to suggest that there are people who exploiting the current situation to trick people when they are at their most vulnerable) children and young people would feel that they would be able to come and speak to someone. 

We have compliled a number of resources to support you:



One way you can help protect your child online is through the settings on their devices and this leaflet is aimed at supporting you in doing that Internet-Matters-Tips-Set-up-Safe-checklist


What age can my child start social networking?

Social networks are aimed at different age groups and as a parent it is important to know these ages to ensure that your child is not accessing inappropriate content.  One of the biggest risks to your child on social networks will be other people who are not always who they say they are and may communicate in ways that are not appropriate.

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