Just like drama, the British music industry is recognised as a world leader, not just in performance but also in production and talent management. The British music industry brought in an estimated £5.2 billion to the economy in 2018, with around 190,000 people employed in it. It is not just about songs or YouTube channels either; Sound Designers are required for virtually every TV or film production, and music is a way to engage with people no matter their understanding or interest.  

Example career paths: Performance, Teaching, Sound Engineering, Sound Design, Music Therapy 

Music Curriculum Intent

Music can be both a very communal or personal experience and it is our intent to give students the opportunity to explore their curiosities with an exciting and vibrant curriculum. At The Hollins, students will be able to explore the world of music through performing, singing, composing, listening, reviewing and evaluating a wide range of musical genres, traditions and styles that are reflective of the cultural diversity that is shared by our school and town. They will get the opportunity to explore work from some of the world’s greatest composers and musicians. We want students to become engaged and inspired to develop a love of music and showcase their talent as musicians.

It is important that there is an opportunity for students to participate in music beyond that of curriculum lessons, to allow them to develop and nurture their own interests and talents. All students have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and they will be able to access this at any stage of their education. Students will also have the opportunity to explore music through a variety of extra-curricular clubs.

Music is one of the very core fabrics of life; a universal language that allows all human beings to interact. Students at The Hollins, therefore, are in prime position to be able to create what will for them become a deeply personal experience.