Multi-Faith Trip 2019

The RE department took the whole of year 8 into Manchester to visit three different places of worship. They visited a Hindu temple, A Sikh Gudwara and an Islamic mosque. At the Hindu temple we were shown how Hindus worship their gods and were even given bananas to show how to give and receive offerings (you are not allowed to throw an offering away!). At the mosque we learnt lots about their beliefs and their buildings such as why there is often a dome at the top- it was so that before microphones were invented everyone could hear the teachings as voices echo through it. Then at the Sikh Gudwara we learnt about the history of one of the world’s youngest religions and ate delicious food- which anyone who walks off the street is welcome to come and eat every day- for free! If there is one thing we took from the visits was that the kindness and generosity they showed was amazing and should be mirrored by everyone in society.