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Curriculum Intent for MFL

Modern Foreign Language teaching at The Hollins is interactive, challenging and enables students to become resilient, independent and confident communicators, which are invaluable skills that they will need throughout their school careers and beyond. The aim of MFL at The Hollins is to introduce pupils to language learning skills that they can apply to learning other foreign languages in the future. Our aim is to spark curiosity and we always encourage our pupils to ask questions. We believe in the importance of making links with different languages and especially with their native one, English.

We want to develop pupils with the ability to speak spontaneously and with confidence in French and Spanish. In addition, we also teach students about the culture of French and Spanish speaking countries around the globe both in lessons and during our extra-curricular activities, encouraging understanding and acceptance of other beliefs and cultures reflecting our diverse intake with a view to breaking down preconceptions or stereotypes. To further promote cultural understanding in lessons, the use of authentic videos and songs capture students’ imaginations as they piece language together to decode meaning and become independent and resilient linguists.

MFL students are challenged from the minute they walk in to their language lessons. MFL teachers use the target language as much as possible to immerse students into Foreign Language worlds. Pupils are encouraged to speak as much French and Spanish as possible and interact with the teacher and each other in the target language.

MFL at the Hollins equips pupils for lifelong language learning and we echo the Hollins’ ethos that our pupils deserve nothing less than the best education – each and every one of our pupils deserves this. We seek to create characters who breed tolerance, empathy and respect within our local community, the wider world and in life to become responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society.