MFL Trip to University of Central Lancashire


On Wednesday 5th February, 31 Y8 pupils went to The University of Central Lancashire, also known as ‘UCLAN’ in Preston to take part in the Worldwise Skills Event.

Worldwise is part of the School of Language and Global Studies where a number of Modern Language and International degrees are available.  Their staff and students speak over 30 languages – it is a very international area!

Our pupils attended four different sessions:

*Chinese Calligraphy: pupils learned how to say and write numbers 1 to 10 in Mandarin.

*Interpreting: not only we learned the differences between consecutive, simultaneous and chuchotage translation but we also had a go at the simulatenous one using the interpreting booths. They had to simultaneously repeat something that was said in English but they had to do it at the same time as the person was talking. Then, to make it even more challenging, they had to listen to someone speaking in French and then had to translate it in English at the same time. 

*The worldwise quiz: Pupils took part in an interactive quiz, a little bit like ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’.  Their worldwise knowledge was put to the test…and there was a prize for the overall winner.

*Rosetta Stone: for this session, pupils were in an IT suite where they tried Rosetta Stone. It is an interactive online resource that has 30 languages available to choose from. Some of our pupils tried German, Greek, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, Polish and Portuguese.

At break and lunch time, our pupils were able to go to the student union to experience what it is like to be a student at University.

The students had a great time and said:

“I really enjoyed the trip as it was something I haven’t done before. My favourite bit was the booth because we got to try doing interpreting in English and French” (Tanisha)

“I really enjoyed today and I really liked the quiz and Rosetta Stone. I also learned how to write Mia in Chinese Calligraphy.” (Elena)

“I loved the experience – it was so fun. The best part about the day was using Rosetta Stone and learning a new language. I now know how to introduce myself in many languages! Such a good day!” (Chloe)