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Find Out About Your New Form Teacher

Name: Miss Bamber

Role: Year 7 co-ordinator

Subject I teach: Science

Hobbies: Shopping, watching football (MUFC), walking, word searches, jigsaws, watching action films

Core value storyHonest: I am scared of wasps, moths; in fact most insects with wings – I once went to a zoo where you had to go through a butterfly/moth garden to get out of the zoo.  I was so scared to go through it, I sat in the zoo until closing time and the staff had to let me out another way!

One thing you can look forward to at The Hollins: Amazing teachers who are all welcoming and fantastic at what they teach. J

Advice to you: Always be yourself and be proud of this! Our school has so many different people, all with different interests and personalities – so please don’t worry about fitting in; because everyone fits in in their own special way!

Name: Mrs Tattersall

Role: Year 7 Form Tutor/Teacher

Subject I teach: English

Years at The Hollins: 18 plus 5 as a student!

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, eating spicy food and going to the cinema (but not all at the same time!)

Core value storyKind – I think being kind is important and doesn’t have to cost anything. I like to make people smile and I always try to think about situations from other people’s perspectives.

One thing you can look forward to at The Hollins: Teachers that care about students and each other. Quality teaching and learning with hopefully some laughs and memories made along the way.

Advice to you: Always ask if you’re unsure about something – clever people ask. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that is how we learn and improve.


Name: Mr Walton

Role: Year 7 Form Tutor/ Teacher

Subject I teach: science

Hobbies: rock climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, camping, football

Core value storyResilient: I am actually scared of heights, but I chose to confront my fears by climbing mountains and going rock climbing. I still get scared, but take a deep breath and try to calm myself and I feel a massive sense of achievement when I get to the summit.

One thing you can look forward to at The Hollins: fabulous and friendly teachers who are all fantastic at what they teach. J

Advice to you: believe in yourself, like Einstein once said “Anyone who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”


Name: Miss Wright

Role: Year 7 Form Tutor/Teacher

Subject I teach: English

Hobbies: painting, reading, shopping, watching awful reality TV shows

Core value story – Resilient: When performing in a high school play in front of a large audience, I tripped and fell so hard my wig flew off. Instead of laughing (or crying), I carried on with my line and shoved my wig back on my head!

One thing you can look forward to at The Hollins: the feeling that you are part of a school family 

Advice to you: never be scared to ask for help


Name: Mr Suleman

Role: Year 7 Form Tutor/ Teacher

Subject I teach: Computer Science

Hobbies: going to the gym, cycling, travelling and eating lots of spicy food

Core value story – Respectful: On my travels I have met so many different people. It is so amazing to learn about how different cultures live but more importantly it has helped me understand that respecting one another makes the world a much more loving and peaceful place to live.

One thing you can look forward to at The Hollins: So many fun and exciting extra-curricular activities, especially the lunch time coding club.

Advice to you: patience and resilience will result in success


Name: Mr Ishtiaq

Role: Year 7 Form Tutor/ Subject Leader Computer Science

Subject I teach: Computer Science

Hobbies: Watching football, PS4 (until the PS5 is released), Liverpool FC, tinkering with computers

Core value storyKind/Responsible – As a Muslim, I have to pay Zakat every year, which is 2.5% of the value of everything I own. This is used to help the poor in the developing world. The zakat I pay goes towards helping poor people in Pakistan with their living costs, providing clean water and helping with medical bills.  

One thing you can look forward to at The Hollins: Mr Ishtiaq’s Cool Computing Club – which runs at lunch times, learn how to code, program robots and learn how to build your own smart speaker!!

Advice to you: The only thing in this world you have control over is your actions, do the best you can and accept the things you can’t control. 


Name: Miss Waddington 

Role: Year 7 Form Tutor /Teacher

Subject I teach: English

Hobbies: reading, writing, listening to music, walking the fells, gardening, barbecues, films, cookery.

Core value story – Resilient/Honest: in my first week at the Hollins I was teaching a year 7 class. I tripped over my own shoes, and went SPLAT! in front of the whole class, and the TA. Everyone burst out laughing, except me: I went as red as a beetroot! Although I had sprained my wrist, I ignored it and carried on teaching the class, in agony!  Afterwards, I bribed the TA with a Mars bar so he wouldn’t tell anyone. (That class are in year 11 now!)

One thing you can look forward to at The Hollins: the best school library in Lancashire!

Advice to you: use The Hollins values to guide you through this difficult time – you can’t go wrong!