Schools and local authorities have a new duty, required by the Department of Education, to promote education progress and achievement for previously “looked-after” children.  These are children who may have been adopted, placed on special guardianship orders (SGOs) or a child arrangement order,from care.

These new duties recognise that children who have previously been in care may well require additional support as a result of their life experiences prior to being adopted or placed in permanent families.

Schools are currently allocated additional funding for this group of pupils, called Pupil Premium Grant Plus (PPG+).

The new duty involves:

  • Appointing a member of staff (a qualified teacher) as the named person to lead within the school on promoting education progress and attainment for previously looked after children.
  • Ensuring school policies take into account the needs of potentially more vulnerable pupils.
  • Using the PPG+ effectively to support progress and achievement for these pupils.
  • Tracking progress and attainment.
  • Providing advice, support and information to parents and guardians.

The local authority duty is to provide advice, information and guidance to schools, parents and guardians. The Lancashire Virtual School will lead on the local authority duties. They can be contacted by e-mail via:

In order for a school to access the additional funding and provide any additional support required, they need to know which of their pupils have been adopted, are in SGOs or in a child arrangement order, from care. This enables the school to claim the funding when they complete the school census.  Only children who had a period in care prior to being adopted, placed on an SGO or a child arrangement order, are eligible for the funding.

If you have adopted a child, or care for a child through a special guardianship order or a child arrangement order, and the child was previously a child in care (in any local authority in England and Wales or in state care in another country) and you wish school to be able to access additional funding to support their progress and attainment please contact our designated member of staff for previously looked after children:

Mrs Dougan: 01254 233500 or

School may require a copy of the adoption, SGO or child arrangement order certificate. This information will be held securely and will only be accessible to those school staff, when necessary, to enable the support to be provided.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact our designated teacher.