Year 7 and 8 London Trip 2019

On the 5th and 6th December 2019 we took 38 year 7s and 8s to London for our annual trip.

Our first stop was Westminster Abbey where we had fun spotting the tombs of past kings and queens. We then went onto the Tower of London which looked magical all lit up in the dark. The pupils loved looking at the armour and the crown jewels. They had even more fun exploring the gift shop!  After this we went to Pizza Hut for tea and took over the bottom floor. The ice cream was a particular favourite.

The next day we went on the London Eye….everyone managed to go on, even those afraid of heights! After this was the London Dungeon tour. The pupils loved seeing their teachers chained in chairs and locked in cages! It was very scary but we had lots of laughs going round the different rooms being jumped out on by different villains!

Watch this space for information about our next trip.