How are you living our 7 values while school is closed?  While we are experiencing a difficult time it is also an exciting opportunity  for you to demonstrate our 7 values and to use the skills and core values you have developed in school in the real world.

Your Challenge:

While you are at home, you need to remember the 7 core values and where possible try to embed them into your everyday life.  You must aim to try and complete the record sheet provided to detail the different ways in which to show the core values at home.

Life Skills

There is so much for you to learn in this ever-evolving technological world. However, it is all too easy to miss out on practical life skills.This unprecedented time off is the perfect opportunity to develop some of these skills that we might not have had time to do under ‘normal’ circumstances.  Can you sew a button? Iron a shirt? Wash-up? (properly?)

When all this is over, you don’t want to look back at this as wasted time.  You want to be proud of what you achieved and in a better place than you were when lockdown started.

Use this practical skills guide to help you think about the skills you can develop and how these fit in with our 7 values and take a photograph of yourself and email  it to us to showcase your new talents!  We will share the best entries on the school twitter account and on this page of the website.

Return the record sheet to your form tutor when you come back to school – prizes will be awarded for those who best display these values

Share your progress for our #7values on social media by emailing a photograph to 7values@thehollins.com 

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