Homework is not an optional extra, but an essential part of a good education.” – 1999 White Paper, Excellence in Schools

Homework is essential to successful learning in many subjects. It gives students the opportunity to practice what has been learnt in class; it provides opportunities for self-discovery, helping them to acquire greater knowledge and understanding. It trains our students to develop effective private study habits outside of school and become independent enquirers, one of the key skills needed for further education and the world of work. 

How long should my child spend on homework?

It is the school’s policy that all students are set homework appropriate to their age and ability. The rationale behind homework assignments is that any extended learning opportunity should be meaningful, enjoyable and support their learning. As there will be a wide variety of tasks set by teachers, the amount of time students spend on homework will vary, but as a general guide the national average is shown below:

National Average

Year 7 & 8 = 45-90 minutes a day

Year 9 = 60-120 minutes a day

Year 10 & 11 = 90-150 minutes a day

If your child is usually spending either far more time than this or far less, please draw the matter to our attention.

Homework Timetable

Homework can be made up of a variety of tasks. These include Consolidation, Preparation, Research, Extension work, Experiential learning and Reflection. Homework activities may build up over time to form an extended piece of written work or a project.

Homework is set using School Synergy.