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Welcome to The Hollins

Welcome to our school website, I hope you find on here all the information you need about our school community.

“I’m happy to be Head Boy because it gives me the ability to represent a school which has always helped me overcome my struggles and shaped the person that I have become.

It’s an opportunity to bring in new ideas and form friendships and bonds that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to.

Being head boy is more than just a title to me, it’s a way to learn responsibility, to build my confidence in not just public speaking but also social communication, and most importantly, it puts me in the role where I can help others and make the staff proud.”

Jake Switzer Head Boy 2019-20

“I was delighted to be appointed Head Girl at The Hollins because over the past four years I feel like I have grown and developed in so many ways. The Hollins has given me the opportunity to not only excel academically but also become a mature and confident young lady.

The role of head girl has given me the skills and experiences to pave the way towards a successful future. Being Head Girl has allowed me to challenge myself in new situations such as forming new friendships and becoming a role model to the younger pupils. I like to think that I spread positivity and kindness throughout the school.

I am incredibly proud to represent The Hollins as Head Girl.”

Jasmine Eborn, Head Girl 2019-2020