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English at The Hollins – Curriculum Intent

The English Department at The Hollins believes that every pupil…

…deserves a challenging curriculum that instils passion in the English language and everything that has – and can be – achieved by it.

 …deserves to experience the awe and wonder found in the rich tapestry of world literature, rediscovering this time and again throughout their lives.

…deserves lessons delivered by dedicated, enthusiastic, compassionate experts who are still always aspiring to learn more and be better.

…deserves classrooms that are safe forums for lively debate, havens of studious discovery, and crucibles of wondrous imagination.

…deserves opportunities to reflect on the past voices of others so that they can begin to find their own.

And so, our pupils will be kind and honest citizens who know how important it is to be responsible and respectful with the written and spoken word.  Our pupils will be reflective readers who understand the value of language in shaping and sharing cultural identities.  Our pupils will be resilient academics who recognise the virtue of practice, revisions and independent perseverance.

And our pupils will be aspirational thinkers who seek not only to match the best of what’s been thought and written, but will strive to exceed it.