There are a large number of educational visits  organised through the subject areas to develop students understanding and application of their academic studies and bring the subject to life. Trips and visits take place throughout the academic year at home and abroad.  

These trips include theatre trips, field trips, gallery visits, language plays, University events, competitions  and annual ski trips.

Year 7 are invited to take part in a popular visit to Tower Wood where they enjoy outdoor activities such as canoeing and abseling.  The EPR departnent organise an annual Multi-Faith trip to places on worship and pupils have also had the opportunity to visit Iceland, Berlin, Auschwitz and Northern Framce.

 All our trips are managed by the Educational Visit Co-ordinator and are only approved after a thorough risk assessment has been carried out. Residential visits are also subject to approval by the LA. Financial support is available for eligible pupils (please enquire)

We encourage and support  all our pupils to take advantage of these opportunities but participation in extra-curricular trips and visits is at the discretion of the trip organisers and the Head of Year; the decision will be based on a number of factors including behaviour and conduct both in and outside of school.