The British film and TV industries are among some of the biggest in the world, with over £3 billion in revenue and around 15% of global cinema takings. Drama as a subject doesn’t just open up opportunities to act, sing or dance – it also teaches students about the vital behind-the-scenes roles involved in the production of every TV show, film, theatre show or musical. Drama as a subject also helps students develop confidence in presenting and public speaking, which are vital skills in many businesses and industries. 

Example career paths: Acting, Theatre, Community Arts, Choreography, Special Effects 

Drama Curriculum Intent

Drama at The Hollins is a diverse, practical and accessible subject for all pupils. It encourages pupils to think and act creatively, whilst developing critical thinking and problem solving.

Through their practical work and written activities, pupils are able to experience the world around them and begin to appreciate situations from more than one perspective.  Drama is an important tool for preparing pupils to live and work in a world that is increasingly team-oriented. It encourages pupils to express themselves through creative processes and helps to develop tolerance and empathy.

Through Drama, pupils develop soft skills that employers look for such as communication, concentration, empathy, co-operation, commitment, self-discipline and creativity. Drama helps to reinforce the rest of the curriculum through the exploration of skills such as teamwork, confidence, independent work, time management, organisational skills and self-awareness.

However, our overall aim is to inspire a lifelong love of drama and theatre through the diverse exploration of plays, playwrights and theatre practitioners.