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Child Development

In this subject, you won’t just learn about how to look after children – you’ll also look at how we develop as we grow up, and some of the reasons we behave why we do as we go through childhood. There are over 700,000 jobs in childcare and nursery settings, along with nearly 750,000 teachers including primary schools. Progression to vocational courses and Apprenticeships is possible with this subject, along with Higher level study (commonly known as ‘Early Years’).

Example career paths: Nursery Worker, Primary Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Family Support Worker, Child Psychotherapist

Child Development Curriculum Intent

The overall aim of the child development curriculum is to prepare students for later life.  Students may well have the aim of working in paediatric medicine, education or in social care or even become parents themselves in their future lives.

The programme will give students the understanding of nutrition, development norms and health and well-being which are all transferable to their own self, helping ensure they thrive as independent young people.

We will provide opportunities for them to learn more about parental responsibility, illnesses and child safety.  This knowledge will assist them throughout their own development into adulthood.