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Learning about how businesses and economies work will give you a range of vital skills and understanding, no matter what your future career choices. Several rewarding career paths are usually ‘hidden’ to students at school and knowing more about the world of business can develop your understanding of these paths and widen your horizons. 

Increasing numbers of people of all ages work on a self-employed basis, so the traditional idea of a lifelong career journey comprising full-time work from 9am to 5pm is rapidly receding.  

Example career paths: Sales, Human Resources, Project Management, Finance, Marketing 

Business Curriculum Intent

The overall aim of the business studies curriculum is to prepare students for later life.  We aim to give students the transferable skills of financial management, presentation skills, public speaking, persuasion and negotiation, organisation skills and self-management.

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise skills development are inherent across the programme and whilst not all our students will start their own business they will all be impacted by business through their own working lives and the businesses they need as a global citizen.

In addition students will become aware of how economic issues impact their lives.  The effects of changes in society, technological change and the legal structures we work in are all examined.

We will provide opportunities for them to learn more about business careers and meet with local business people, give them an understanding of different types of business and an appreciation of calculated risk-taking.

Students will learn about the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and will understand the need for hard work, ambition, self-belief, determination and motivation to succeed in every walk of life.

If our students have the ambition to be the next Karen Brady or Richard Branson we want to equip them with the skills, aptitudes and acumen to do so. If they don’t, the course will help equip them to be global citizens, politically and economically aware and ready to face both the challenges of, and make a difference to, life in modern democratic Britain.