During Lockdown we set the challenge for our students to continue to demonstrate our 7 Values this pages show how they got on.

Lewis collected eggs from the allotment #responsible.  Then gave them to his neighbours #kind.  Then met with the local police officers #respect. Busy day Lewis!

Bobby is using his time learning to cook meals for the family #responsible

Here’s Hermione displaying two school core values. #Kind for walking a 45 minute round trip to deliver her best friends birthday present and #Respectful for using social distancing when dropping the present off.

Here’s Y9 student Ibrahim  preparing 85 meals for the most vulnerable in our community.  Well done! #kind #responsible

Fantastitico!  Annabel and and Recce have been making pizza from scratch #aspiration #responsible

Seth has been hard at work learning important life-skills.  He has prepared family meals, made scones for VE day and helped with housework (who knew there isnt a housework fairy eh?).  Well done Seth #respect #responsible #kind

Year 9 student Louis has been using his free time volunteering at the Clayton Baptist Church foodbank, helping the Hyndburn community. Well done Louis! #kind #responsible

Amber is using her time to gain new skils in origami!  Excellent job Amber #resilience and #aspiration.  Her mum’s attempts were a bit rubbish so she showed #kindness fixing them for her too.

Alana  made a batch of hot cross buns then delivered them on foot to people social isolating. #7values #kind #responsible

And here’s Alana again showing the #7values as she makes dinner for her family #responsible

We love Fiza’s window poster thanking NHS staff and are sure they do too. #kind

Year 8 student Fiza is developing new skills.  Here’s her origami flowers and butterflies.  Who knew so many Hollins students would master this art during lockdown!  #resilience

Siobhan has been undertaking a range of tasks at home including helping her mum paint the house #responsibility, pegging washing out #responsibility, painting the allotment shed with wood stain #kindness,

Her’s Siobhan again supervising and assisting her brother with science experiments #responsibility, teaching her brother how to use a digital art screen after he became bored #kindness.

Zymal has been hard at work modelling all #7values including being #reflective about his maths work.  Well done!

Joshua is cooking meals for his family #responsible and run his first 10K #aspirational and checks on relatives daily #kind

Maeve has learnt to bake #aspiration and is training for cricket #responsible and cooking family meals #kind

Autumn is modelling our #7values by completing training in suicide prevention.  Brilliant job Autumn! #kind #respect

Amber is learning new skills including how to sew a button.  She has been helping at home showing #kindness #resilience #respect 

Jolie has written 8 letters to local care homes in the area. The letters are aimed at putting a smile on someone’s face during this strange and difficult time.  We are really proud of Jolie for such a fantastic act of #kindness

Alana has developed her skills in the ancient art of origami #resilience and baked a cake for her uncle #kind

Excellent artwork Hayden! #responsible

Jack in Y10 has been really busy; walking his dog, completing chores,babysitting, cycling, learning new skills #7values well done Jack!

Ben and Marley have done an amazing job in their garden #responsible and mum says they are an amazing support at home #kind.  Well done boys!

Elena has been helping at home #responsible, baked a birthday cake for her neighbour #kind and didn’t moan on a 9 mile walk #resilient!

Freya was both #kind and #responsible saving a family of frogs from a lawnmower massacre!  She has also produced a video for her football team- Blackpool Eagles #aspiration

Mackenzie has been practising his skills in origami #reflective with this army of frogs

A busy weekend for our students.  Here’s Siobhan ironing #responsible and she has been cooking meals for her family #kind

Liam has  taken #responsibility with growing sunflowers. Showed #resilience when putting together his 3D Eiffel tower and  #kindness when helping out in the garden.

Y8 student Lea has been #responsible for completing her school work and has shown #resilience, helping to home school her  little sister. She was #kind baking selection cakes & biscuits for neighbour’s & family.

Y10 student Jack has been #reflective that he finds some areas of maths tricky so is now doing extra practice from a book #resilient

Hayden has been #resilient on a long bike ride with steep hills and #kind helping clean a rabbit hutch (yuk!)

Charlotte is being #responsible by up-cycling old tops by getting creative with tie-dye!

Lily delivered her neighbours a bag of treats to cheer them up #kind

Fiza is being #responsible and #resilient completing her maths

George is being #aspirational and #resilient working on improving his golf swing

Today Josh became an apprentice electrician helping his dad lay cable for a new garage. This included crawling under the floorboards of the house to pull the cable through. #responsible

Freya is being #aspirational and #resilient

Louis has been showing #responsibility looking after his sunflowers

We love Ibrahim’s #7values cake and he was #kind and shared it with his neighbours

Charlotte has made a guinea pig assault course learning new skills #aspiration – she let her brother help #kind and her pets loved it #responsible

Y7 Kieran showed #respect when he joined in with “Draw with Rob’s” world record attempt. He listened to the video and produced his drawing following Robs guidance.

Y7 student Kieran showed #resilience moving over 50 bricks in his garden

Kieran has been #kind making his dad a birthday breakfast

Leighton in year 9 has taken up cycling throughout the lockdown.. He signed up for a challenge to do 100 miles in the month of May and completed this over 3 rides here he is proudly showing his medal. #aspiration

We love Rebecca’s #7values cupcakes for 7values week.

Amelia made a Devil’s Food cake to celebrate #7values week!

Freya helped her little sister create this rock garden #kind

Here is Louis completing his Food tech homework- baking oat biscuits for a neighbour- showing #responsibility and #kindness.

Here’s Emily and Georgia enjoying a socially distanced dog walk. this new venture is #responsible as they are taking of their own and their dogs wellbeing!

Ibrahim been helping his grandad out with some gardening. He has been sowing seeds, watering, cleaning the area and helping the plants grow. #responsible

Hayden is showing #resilience developing a new skill for D of E

Alex is leading her football team through a virtual workout #aspirational

We love Herminone’s decorating skills #responsible #kind

Luca has shown #aspiration and #resilience conquering the 3 peaks!

Lily has been #kind baking for her family

Alana has been training on her own throughout lockdown and has just started sessions with her Muay Thai coach at social distance in order to defend her British Title  #resilience #aspiration

Louis  cycled to his grandma’s to take her some shopping. He went on the scenic route, and covered 18.81 KM on the round trip!  #kindness, #resilience 

Kieran is working on developing his animation skills #aspiration

Well done to Kieran for completing week 3 of “Couch to 5K” #resilience

Lily is helping to look after her baby sister now mum is back at work. #kind #responsible

Abbie has been organising family quiz nights to keep in touch remotely with her grandparents and keep her spirits up – here she is with her version of “Play Your Cards Right!” #kind

we love this sign Alana has made her grandad #kind

Elijah has been learning to oil paint with his grandma #aspiration

Ibrahim is enjoyin a day from working in the foodbank, helping grandparents and school work #respect #kind #aspiration

Connor has been really helpful during lockdown.  Here he is making everyone lunch wiithout being asked. #kind #responsible

Flag Football is now an Olympic sport and Bobby is training hard to achieve his goal of playing for team GB #aspiration

Abbie has continued to train in Ju-Jitsu twice a week in zoom classes. Abbie also entered a Virtual Kata competition where she won Gold and Silver medals.  #aspirational

Charlotte is being #resilient and #aspirational working on her flexibility 3 times a week in her zoom dance classes

Emaan is showing #kindness by delivering treats to key workers