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During Lockdown we set the challenge for our students to continue to demonstrate our 7 Values this pages show how they got on.

Lewis collected eggs from the allotment #responsible.  Then gave them to his neighbours #kind.  Then met with the local police officers #respect. Busy day Lewis!

Bobby is using his time learning to cook meals for the family #responsible

Here’s Hermione displaying two school core values. #Kind for walking a 45 minute round trip to deliver her best friends birthday present and #Respectful for using social distancing when dropping the present off.

Here’s Y9 student Ibrahim  preparing 85 meals for the most vulnerable in our community.  Well done! #kind #responsible

Fantastitico!  Annabel and and Recce have been making pizza from scratch #aspiration #responsible

Seth has been hard at work learning important life-skills.  He has prepared family meals, made scones for VE day and helped with housework (who knew there isnt a housework fairy eh?).  Well done Seth #respect #responsible #kind

Year 9 student Louis has been using his free time volunteering at the Clayton Baptist Church foodbank, helping the Hyndburn community. Well done Louis! #kind #responsible

Amber is using her time to gain new skils in origami!  Excellent job Amber #resilience and #aspiration.  Her mum’s attempts were a bit rubbish so she showed #kindness fixing them for her too.

Alana  made a batch of hot cross buns then delivered them on foot to people social isolating. #7values #kind #responsible

And here’s Alana again showing the #7values as she makes dinner for her family #responsible

We love Fiza’s window poster thanking NHS staff and are sure they do too. #kind

Year 8 student Fiza is developing new skills.  Here’s her origami flowers and butterflies.  Who knew so many Hollins students would master this art during lockdown!  #resilience

Siobhan has been undertaking a range of tasks at home including helping her mum paint the house #responsibility, pegging washing out #responsibility, painting the allotment shed with wood stain #kindness,

Her’s Siobhan again supervising and assisting her brother with science experiments #responsibility, teaching her brother how to use a digital art screen after he became bored #kindness.

Zymal has been hard at work modelling all #7values including being #reflective about his maths work.  Well done!

Joshua is cooking meals for his family #responsible and run his first 10K #aspirational and checks on relatives daily #kind

Maeve has learnt to bake #aspiration and is training for cricket #responsible and cooking family meals #kind

Autumn is modelling our #7values by completing training in suicide prevention.  Brilliant job Autumn! #kind #respect

Amber is learning new skills including how to sew a button.  She has been helping at home showing #kindness #resilience #respect 

Jolie has written 8 letters to local care homes in the area. The letters are aimed at putting a smile on someone’s face during this strange and difficult time.  We are really proud of Jolie for such a fantastic act of #kindness

Alana has developed her skills in the ancient art of origami #resilience and baked a cake for her uncle #kind

Excellent artwork Hayden! #responsible

Jack in Y10 has been really busy; walking his dog, completing chores,babysitting, cycling, learning new skills #7values well done Jack!

Ben and Marley have done an amazing job in their garden #responsible and mum says they are an amazing support at home #kind.  Well done boys!

Elena has been helping at home #responsible, baked a birthday cake for her neighbour #kind and didn’t moan on a 9 mile walk #resilient!