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Our staff are taking on the challenge to complete 100km in 4 weeks- see how they get on here

Mrs White got off to a good start – braving the elements.

Mrs Dougan is so happy she has completed a 5km run – only 95km to go!

Mr Parker has finished his first 10km!

Mrs Gore has finished her first 10km.

Mr Ainsworth has completed run 2 – that’s 8km completed!

Miss Crosland has completed 10km

Mr Betney has smashed his 100km this weekend completed a 40km run and 60km cycle

It was a quick 5km for Miss Mason on Saturday morning!

60km in 5 days!  Well done Mr Parker!

10.8km completed by Mr Hunter!

Miss Pilkington has completed 40km this weekend!

Mr Cross has completed 350km so far!

Mr Ishtiaq has now completed 12km – just 88km to go.

Mrs Riding completed a quick run after school

Mr Parker has now reached 200km!

Mr Hunter has added another 5km to his total.

Mrs Gore has braved the rain to complete another 5km.

Mr Bedford and Mr Hunter completed 5km after school.

Mrs Johnstone is getting serious!

It was a muddy 5km for Mr Ainsworth!

100km completed by Mrs Riding and Miss Waddington.